November 18: Isaiah-Do Not Fear

Discussion Questions

When have you felt afraid?

What helps you have hope when you are afraid?

How do you know who to listen to when things seem hopeless?


Acting on the Word

Pay attention this week for moments when you feel afraid; when they occur, ask God to help you be less afraid.


Daily Readings

Sunday:       Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20; 37:1-7, Do Not Fear

Monday:      Isaiah 36:4-12, Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem

Tuesday:      Isaiah 37:8-13, Hezekiah Consults Isaiah

Wednesday: Isaiah 37:14-29, Hezekiah’s Prayer

Thursday:    Isaiah 37:30-38, Sennacherib’s Defeat

Friday:         Isaiah 38:1-22, Hezekiah’s Illness

Saturday:     Isaiah 39:1-8, Envoys from Babylon Welcomed


What are the potential sources of fear?  How is God at work in the midst of frightening events?

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