October 21: King David’s Sin

Discussion Questions

Why do you think David doesn’t recognize his own sin at first?

Who did David wrong?

When have you been wronged by someone?

When have you been confronted about you having wronged someone?  How did you react?

Do you see connections between this event and the current conversations and revelations about sexual abuse and sexual harassment?


Acting on the Word

Each night, reflect on your actions of the day.  Are there things you did that wronged another?  If so, confess your sin to God and seek to find a way to make things right with the person you wronged.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        2 Samuel 12:1-15a, King David’s Sin

Monday:       2 Samuel 12:15b-23, Bathsheba’s Child Dies

Tuesday:       2 Samuel 12:24-25, Solomon Is Born

Wednesday:  1 Kings 1:1-21, The Struggle for Succession

Thursday:     1 Kings 1:22-27, The Struggle for the Succession

Friday:          1 Kings 1:28-53, The Accession of Solomon

Saturday:      1 Kings 2:13-25, Solomon Consolidates His Reign

Do you see ways in which the consequences of David’s sin affect what happens to him and his kingdom in these passages?  What do David and Solomon do rightly?  Where to they stray from God’s intentions?

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