September 16: Earn all you can (Earn Save Give: Week 2)

Discussion Questions

What jobs have you had in your lifetime?  Which were the most fulfilling?

Do you/did you work mostly for the pay or because you felt called to the work?

Have you ever struggled with the ethics of what your work entailed?  How did you resolve that struggle?


Acting on the Word

If you currently work for pay, say a prayer of thanks to God at the beginning of your work day, and ask for guidance to see how your work furthers God’s will.  If you don’t work for pay, encourage a working person you encounter each day, and thank them for their work.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Luke 19:11-27

Monday:       Luke 12:13-21

Tuesday:       Proverbs 6:6-11

Wednesday:   Proverbs 31:13-24

Thursday:      Proverbs 10:2-5

Friday:          Proverbs 1:19; Proverbs 10:16

Saturday        Proverbs 23:4; Proverbs 28:20

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