Unsung Heroes, September 2: Onesimus and Philemon

Discussion Questions

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

If so, what is your relationship like?

Do you have anyone you refer to by family titles who isn’t technically family?  (e.g. a close friend you call a brother or sister; a friend of the family who is referred to as an uncle or aunt?)  Why have they become family?

Acting on the Word

Choose one person you know and focus on intentionally treating them more like a Christian brother or sister: forgiving them if there are tensions, helping them with a project or a need, encouraging them, etc.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Philemon

Monday:       Colossians 3:8–15

Tuesday:       Colossians 4:7–18

Wednesday:   Galatians 5:12–15

Thursday:      Matthew 18:23–35

Friday:          Romans 14:13–21

Saturday        James 2:14–17

What does each reading say about relating to believers as brothers/sisters?

How does our relationship as siblings in Jesus direct how we are to treat each other?

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