Unsung Heroes, August 12: Huldah

Discussion Questions

What do you know about your family history?

Have you ever found something from your family history that changed your understanding of your family?

Who do you go to if you don’t understand something important you have read?

Who do you ask for help in understanding the Bible?


Acting on the Word

Make a list of questions you have about the Bible.  Go to someone whose knowledge of the Bible you trust and ask one or more of your questions.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         2 Chronicles 34:14-28

Monday:       2 Kings 22:8–11

Tuesday:       Exodus 15:19-21

Wednesday:   Judges 4:4–9

Thursday:      Luke 2:21–22, 36–38

Friday:          Acts 2:17–18

Saturday        Acts 21:7–9

How did God use Huldah and the other female prophets mentioned here?


Next Week: Barnabas.  What can you learn about Barnabas between now and next week?

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