June 3, 2018: The Spirit in Creation

Discussion Questions

    What aspect of creation do you like best?

Does creation reflect or reveal God to you?  If yes, how?

What are some ways creation “groans” or “suffers”?

What would redemption of creation (including our bodies) look like?


Acting on the Word

Take a walk or a drive through a park or other natural area.  What do you hear?  What do you see?  Can you sense the presence of the Holy Spirit?  Are there ways in which what you see or hear indicates that creation is groaning or suffering?


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Romans 8:18-25

Monday:       Genesis 1:1-5

Tuesday:       John 1:1-5

Wednesday:  Proverbs 8:12, 22-31

Thursday:     Psalm 33:1-9

Friday:          Psalm 104:24-30

Saturday:      Isaiah 42:1-7


What does each passage say about the Spirit and/or Creation?  (Remember that wind, spirit, and breath are all one word in Hebrew and Greek)


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