April 22, 2018: Feed My Lambs


Discussion Questions

What is your “love language”?  (that is, how do you express love, and what makes you feel loved?)

What is the love language of those close to you?  How do they?

How does Jesus ask Peter to show his love for him?


Acting on the Word

Show your love for Jesus this week by helping to feed his sheep: donate to a food pantry, pay someone’s bill at a restaurant or grocery store, or pay off a school lunch bill for one or more school children.


Daily Readings

Sunday:              John 12:5-25

Monday:             John 13:21-25

Tuesday:            John 18:12-16

Wednesday:       John 19:25-27

Thursday:           John 20:1-10

Friday:               John 21:4-7

Saturday:            John 21:20-24

What do you learn about the “disciple whom Jesus loved” in these readings?  (This disciple is thought by some to be John himself)


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