March 11, 2018: Living Water

Discussion Questions

“Living Water” is a term often used of flowing water, like rivers and streams, as opposed to the “still” water of lakes and ponds.  Do you have a favorite river or stream?  If so, why is it your favorite?

In what ways is the Holy Spirit like “living water”?

How does the Holy Spirit work through you?


Acting on the Word

Each day, intentionally give of yourself to someone you encounter, in the name of Jesus.  A few ideas:  pay for someone’s meal or groceries; help someone with a task or project; donate to a Christian organization that helps the poor, the persecuted, or the refugee.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 7:37-52     Living Water

Monday:       John 8:2-11       Woman caught in Adultery

Tuesday:       John 8:12-29     Light of the World

Wednesday:   John 9:1-41       Jesus heals the Man Born Blind

Thursday:      John 10:1-21     Good Shepherd

Friday:          John 10:22-30   Jewish opposition in the temple

Saturday:       John 10:31-39   Jesus threatened with stoning


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