March 4, 2018: Bread of Heaven

Discussion Questions

What kind of bread do you like best?

How do you feel when you hear communion bread referred to as “the body of Christ, broken for you”?

Why do you think that people struggled with Jesus calling himself the bread from heaven?


Acting on the Word

Each time you eat bread* this week, take a few moments to pray to Jesus and remember that he is the bread of heaven.  *If you are unable to eat bread, choose another common food to do this with.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 6:35-59

Monday:         John 6:60-71

Tuesday:         John 7:1-9

Wednesday:    John 7:10-24

Thursday:       John 7:25-31

Friday:            John 7:32-36

Saturday:        Isaiah 44:3-4

Sunday-Friday:  How do people respond to Jesus?  Why?

Saturday: What does God promise in this verse?

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