January 28, 2018: Jesus and Nicodemus

Discussion Questions

What do you think of when you hear the term “Born again?”

How easy is it for you to ask questions when you don’t understand something?

What of Jesus’ teachings do you find difficult to understand?


Acting on the Word

Spend some time this week journaling about a question or questions you have about the faith.  Consider talking to someone those questions.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 3:1-21

Monday:         John 3:22-26

Tuesday:         John 5:30-38

Wednesday:    John 5:39-47

Thursday:       John 6:60-69

Friday:            John 7:45-52

Saturday:        John 8:12-20

What are people struggling to understand in each day’s passage?

What does Jesus (or do others) say about who he is and what he is doing?


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