January 21, 2018: Disruption in the Temple

Discussion Questions

What church building has most impressed you?

What do like most about our current church building?

What kinds of things happen in our building? Why?

What do you think Jesus might question what happens in our building?


Acting on the Word

Take a stroll through our church building; what do you see?  What does what you see say about who we are?  About what’s important to our congregation? How do you think a visitor experiences it?  Write down what your experience and consider sharing it with lay leadership and/or with the pastor.

Sunday:          John 2:13-25

Monday:         Jeremiah 7:3-11

Tuesday:         John 5:1-16

Wednesday:    John 7:14-29

Thursday:       John 8:1-11

Friday:            John 10:22-30

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