January 14, 2018: Wedding at Cana

Discussion Questions

What do you enjoy most about weddings?

What do you enjoy least about weddings?

How do you feel about wine and other alcohol-based drinks?

Why do you think Jesus initially resists helping?

Why do you think Jesus creates so much wine?


Acting on the Word

Pay for someone else’s meal (or their drink at a coffee shop, etc.)  If possible, do so without the recipient know you were the one who paid for them.  Reflect on that experience, and pray for the person you helped.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 2:1-11

Monday:        Isaiah 61:1062:5

Tuesday:         Revelation 19:6-9

Wednesday:    Revelation 22:16-17

Thursday:       Psalm 104:10-15

Friday:            Isaiah 25:6-9

Saturday:        Isaiah 55:1-5

In these readings, how does wedding or wine imagery say something about who God is and how God acts?

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