October 8: God Provides Manna

Discussion Questions

What do you find most difficult about long trips?

Why do you think the Israelites longed to go back to Egypt?

Why did everyone have just enough?

Is “just enough” satisfying for you?


Acting on the Word

Share food with someone this week.

Sunday:        Exodus 16:1-18    Manna from Heaven

Monday:      Exodus 20:1-17    Ten Commandments

Tuesday:      Joshua 1:1-9         Joshua leads the Israelites

Wednesday: Joshua 24:14-30    Joshua’s final instructions

Thursday:     Judges 2:11-19     The Israelites break the covenant

Friday:         1 Samuel 1:1-20    Birth of Samuel

Saturday:      1 Samuel 1:21-28  Samuel brought to Shiloh


How does God respond to the people? 

How do the people respond to God?

What, if any, connections do you see between these events and current events?

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