August 20, 2017:  One in Christ: Faith and Race

Discussion Questions

What is your first memory of encountering someone of a different race or ethnicity?

How do you feel when you hear stories of discrimination?

Have you heard others make racist jokes or comments?  How have you responded?


Acting on the Word

Read reputable news articles about the events in Charlottesville.  Listen to various voices and perspectives.  Pray for all involved.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Galatians 3:26-29; Colossians 3:9–11

Monday:      Numbers 12:1-11

Tuesday:      Exodus 22:21-24

Wednesday: Ruth 2:4-13

Thursday:     Matthew 15:21-28

Friday:         Luke 10:29-37

Saturday:      Acts 8:26-39


What does each day’s passage say about how we should respond to those whose ethnic heritage is different than our own?


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