July 30: Called to be Faithful

July 30, 2017:  Called to be Faithful


Discussion Questions

How do you respond when others don’t believe you?

Do you get discouraged when your attempts to invite people to worship or to share your faith seem to have little effect?

How did Paul respond to such disappointments?


Acting on the Word

Invite someone to worship, or speak with someone about what Jesus and your faith mean to you.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Acts 21:17-36 (Riot in the Temple)

Monday:       Acts 23:12-22 (Plot to kill Paul)

Tuesday:      Acts 23:23-35; Acts 24:24-27 (Paul and Felix)

Wednesday:  Acts 25:1-12 (Paul appeals to the emperor)

Thursday:     Acts 26:19-32 (Paul before Agrippa)

Friday:         Acts 27:9-44 (Shipwrecked on Malta)

Saturday:      Acts 28:17–31 (Paul in Rome/End of Acts)


How does Paul remain faithful in the midst of these events?  How does he continue to witness to Jesus?


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