June 18, 2017:  Called to Follow Christ


Discussion Questions

What do you remember about the apostle Paul from Sunday School, worship, or reading the Bible?

Who do you find it most difficult to trust?

Would you label anyone as your enemy?  If so, who?

How would you respond if an enemy or adversary told you God had changed their life?

Acting on the Word

Pray for an enemy or adversary each day.  Make note of your thoughts and feelings over the course of the week.

Daily Readings

Sunday:        Acts 22:3–21

Monday:      Philippians 3:5-7

Tuesday:      Acts 7:54-8:3

Wednesday: Acts 9:1-21

Thursday:     Acts 9:22-30

Friday:         Galatians 1:11-24

Saturday:      Acts 11:19-26


What do you learn about Saul/Paul in these passages?  In what way is his story different from yours?  Are there similarities?

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