May 14, 2017  Acts 15:1-22  Grace


Questions for Reflection Card

What do you think of when you hear the word grace?

How is God’s grace apparent in the Scripture reading?

Does anything trouble you about grace?  If so, what?

Discussion Questions

Are you more of a rule follower or more of a rebel?  Why?

When have you felt excluded because you didn’t follow someone else’s rules?

How does your family and/or church handle disagreements?

Acting on the Word

Identify a person or group that you are quick to judge.  Each day this week, pray for them, and pray for God to help you see them as God does.

Daily Readings

Sunday: Council at Jerusalem, Acts 15:1-18

Monday: The Conversion of Lydia, Acts 16:11-15
Tuesday: Paul and Silas in Prison, Acts 16:16-40
Wednesday: Paul Sails for Rome, Acts 27:1-12
Thursday: The Storm at Sea, Acts 27:13-38
Friday: The Shipwreck, Acts 27:39-28:16
Saturday: Paul Preaches in Rome, Acts 28:23-31

Where do you see Grace at work in these stories?

Daily Readings adapted from Clergy Stuff.  Copyright © 2016 Clergy Stuff. Used and adapted with Permission. Find more at  Used and Adapted by permission.

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