March 19, 2017


Questions for Reflection Card

What rules do you break easily?

What rules are most important to you?

What rules are you being called to break as you follow Jesus?

What rules are you being called to keep as you follow Jesus?

Discussion Questions

Has there been a time when you felt lost?

Has there been a time when you lost something that was precious to you?

Acting on the Word

Who is “lost” to you?  If so, prayerfully consider how you might “find” them, and make a first step in that direction.

Daily Readings

Sunday: Sheep, Coin, Prodigal Son, Luke 15:1-32

Monday: The Law of the Firstborn’s Inheritance, Deuteronomy 21:15-17
Tuesday: Stoning a Rebellious Son, Deuteronomy 21:18-21
Wednesday: Penitent’s Psalm, Psalm 51
Thursday: A Righteous Heart, Proverbs 21:1-5
Friday: The Parable of the Dishonest Manager, Luke 16:1-13
Saturday: The Kingdom of God, Luke 16:14-18

How persistent is God?  How is God a rulebreaker? How are others in the story rulebreakers?



Daily Readings adapted from Clergy Stuff.  Copyright © 2016 Clergy Stuff. Used and adapted with Permission. Find more at  Remainder is adapted from “Spill the Beans: Worship and Learning Resources for Al Ages” Volume 22.  ©2017 Spill the Beans Resource Team.  Used and Adapted by permission.

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