Birth of John the Baptist


December 18, 2016

Even though worship was cancelled due to weather, you can still read and reflect on the Scripture for Sunday and the coming week.

Questions for Reflection

What do you know about your name?  Is it a family name?  Does it mean something?  Do you know why your parents’ chose it?

If you have children, how did you go about choosing their names?

Have you or someone you’ve known changed your name or nickname?  Why?

Read This Week:

This week’s readings focus on John the Baptist, the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth.  How did John prepare the way for Jesus?  How can we prepre the way for Jesus in today’s world?

Sunday:         The birth of John the Baptist: Luke 1:57-79

Monday:        John begins his ministry Luke 3:1–6

Tuesday:        John preaches Luke 3:7-14

Wednesday:   John points to Christ Luke 3:15-18

Thursday:      John wonders about Jesus Luke 7:18–23

Friday            Jesus speaks about John Luke 7:24–30

Saturday        Paul Preaches about John’s role Acts 13:16–25

Next Week: Jesus is born and Shepherds Visit Luke 2:1-20

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