Mary visits Elizabeth

December 11, 2016

Questions for Reflection

   Who among your friends or relatives helps you see what God is doing in your life?

When have you had a sense that God is acting in your life?

How do you feel when you hear that God will fill the hungry and send the rich away empty?  Do you most identify with the hungry or the rich?


Read This Week:


Each of the readings this week have elements in common with Mary’s Song (Luke 1:46-55).  Each day as your read, take some notes on the similarities between the day’s reading and Mary’s song.  What questions, thoughts, or ideas do these similarities raise for you?


Monday:           Hannah’s Song, 1 Samuel 2:1–10

Tuesday:           Confidence in God’s Strong Arm:  Psalm 98  

Wednesday:     Bless the LORD! Psalm 103  

Thursday:          God’s faithfulness to Abraham:  Psalm 105:1–11

Friday                God Lifts Up the Poor: Psalm 113

Saturday            Beatitudes: Luke 6:20–26

Next Week: The birth of John: Luke 1:57-79

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