Gabriel Visits Mary

December 4, 2016

Questions for Reflection

How is Mary’s response different than Zechariah’s?

Gabriel tells Mary that nothing is impossible for God.  Are there things in your life that feel impossible?  How can Gabriel’s words speak to you?

Read This Week:

Sunday:         The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary, Luke 1:26-45.

Monday:       Gabriel visits Daniel, Daniel 9:20–23

Tuesday:       Remembering God’s Promises to David, Psalm 89

Wednesday:  Isaiah’s prophecy of Immanuel, Isaiah 7:10–16

Thursday:      A Child is born to us, Isaiah 9:2–7

Friday:           A Shoot from the stump of Jesse, Isaiah 11:1–10

Saturday:       Joseph’s Dream, Matthew 1:18–25


Next Week: Luke 1:46-56


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