Gabriel Visits Zechariah


November 27, 2016

Questions for Reflection

How would you react if an angel visited you?

Have you ever had the sense that God was sending you a message?

What happened?

Read This Week:

Sunday: Gabriel visits Zechariah: Luke 1:1-35

Monday: Sarah Laughs, Genesis 18:1–15
(Like Elizabeth & Zechariah, Sarah and Abraham thought they were too old to have children)

Tuesday: Nazarite Vows: Numbers 6:1–8
(As nazarites, John, Samson, and Samuel, are not to drink alcohol)

Wednesday: An Angel Announces Samson’s Birth: Judges 13:2–24
(Another story of an angel and a promised birth)

Thursday: Hannah’s Prayer, 1 Samuel 1:1–11
(Like Elizabeth and Zechariah, Hannah was childless)

Friday: A Messenger Will Be Sent Malachi 3:1–4; 4:1–6
(Gabriel refers to this prophecy in describing John’s role.)

Saturday: An Angel Visits Cornelius: Acts 10:1–8; 10:25–35
(Like Zechariah, Cornelius’ prayers have been heard.)

Next Week: The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary: Luke 1:26-45.


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