Taking the Word to Heart for the week of June 12-19


Acts 4:32-5:11 Barnabas, Ananais and Sapphira

Have you ever claimed you had done something you hadn’t, or exaggerated what you did do to make yourself look better? If so why?
Why do you think Ananais and Sapphira pretended to give more than they did?

Why do you think Barnabas gave all of the proceeds of the sale?
DO: Track your spending for a day (or even better, a week). What does your spending say about what you value? Is that consistent with what you say you value?
Readings for the Week
Read aboutĀ the events that occur between today’s story and next week’s story
Monday Acts 10:1-8
Tuesday Acts 10:9-23a
Wednesday Acts 10:23b-33
Thursday Acts 10:34-48
Friday Acts 11:1-18
Saturday Acts 11:19-30

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