Taking the Word to Heart for the week of May 22-29, 2016


Acts 3:1-10: Healing at the Beautiful Gate

Has a stranger ever done something to help you in a time of need? How did that feel?
Who are the people that we don’t really see? Why is that?


What are some ways (besides giving money) that we can help raise people up?
DO: Keep an eye out for those we don’t often notice in our daily life. Be intentional about really seeing them, and engage them in conversation (Even “Hello, how are you?” can make a difference)


Readings for the Week
Read about what happens as a result of this healing.
Monday Acts 3:1-10
Tuesday Acts 3:11-16
Wednesday Acts 3:17-26
Thursday Acts 4:1-12
Friday Acts 4:13-22
Saturday Acts 4:23-31

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