Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen! Mark 16:1-8

When have you been rendered speechless by fear or amazement?

The women responded to the resurrection with terror and amazement. Are there times when others think you should be joyful and you are not?

How can the experience of the women help you in these moments?

We don’t have the original copies of any of the books of the Bible. Those originals were copied by hand over and over again over time. We refer to these copies as manuscripts. There are places where there are significant differences between different manuscripts, and the end of Mark is one of them. The earliest manuscripts we have of Mark end at verse 8, with the phrase “They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.” Later manuscripts added additional verses-though they don’t all have the same additions.
DO: Look in one or more Bibles at Mark 16, paying attention to any notes about the variations in the manuscripts.

Readings for the Week
Prayerfully read the assigned Scriptures.
Monday Mark 16:1-8
Tuesday The Shorter Ending of Mark (in double brackets in the provided link; may only be in the notes in some print Bibles.)
Wednesday Mark 16:9-11
Thursday Mark 16:12-13
Friday Mark 16:14-18
Saturday Mark 16:19-20

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