Scripture Reading for Holy Week

You are invited to read the following Scriptures, used in today’s Sunday School Program, as part of your daily prayer time during Holy Week. One way to approach the readings is to use the following process, modeled on an ancient Christian practice called Letio Divina or “Divine Reading”:
1) Read the passage through twice, slowly. As you read, especially the second time through, pay attention to words or phrases that stand out to you.
2) Reflect on those words or phrases, and why they seem significant to you.
3) Spend some time in prayer, possibly including prayerful responses to the words or phrases that stood out to you.
4) Spend some time resting in God’s presence, without words.
Sunday Matthew 21:8-9
Monday Mark 14:3-9
Tuesday Matthew 26:14-16
Wednesday Mark 14:43-46
Thursday Matthew 27:27-31
Friday John 19:16-22
Saturday Luke 23:44-46

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