On the Road to the Cross: All We Have…..


On the Road to the Cross: All We Have…
Mark 10:17-31

What are some of your favorite possessions?

How would it feel to sell or give those things away? Why?

How does Jesus’ instructions to the man in today’s reading make you feel?

What makes it hard for those of us with possessions and wealth to enter the kingdom?

DO: Spend time in prayer listening for what Jesus is asking you to give up or give away. When you have an answer (even a tentative one), do so.

Readings for the Week
Prayerfully read the assigned Scriptures.
Monday Mark 4:13–20
Tuesday Mark 8:34–38
Wednesday Luke 12:32–34
Thursday Acts 2:42–47
Friday 1 Timothy 6:17–19
Saturday James 1:9–11

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