Mark 4:1-34

What experience do you have planting seed? Do you have a green thumb? Do things you plant struggle?

How are Jesus’ words like seed?

What kinds of things are “scorching sun” in your faith journey?

What kinds of thorns/worries have you experienced in your faith journey?

DO: Commit to doing something every day to tend the seeds God has planted in you. For example: spend at least 15 minutes in prayer each day, read the Bible daily, seek out another Christian to talk about your faith journey.

Readings for the Week
Prayerfully read the assigned Scriptures. Monday through Wednesday you will read Matthew and/or Luke’s versions of some of the parables, Beginning Thursday, the readings return to Mark and prepare us for next Sunday’s reading.
Monday: Luke 8:4-15
Tuesday: Matthew 12:1-23
Wednesday: Matthew 13:31-32; Luke 13:18-19
Thursday: Mark 4:35-41
Friday: Mark 5:1-20
Saturday: Mark 5:21-43

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