You Asked For It: Psalm 23


Over the summer, Pastor Lorinda asked worshipers to suggest sermon topics for a series called “You Asked For It.”  The plan was for Lorinda to use those suggestions for her preaching in September, but she was ill most of that month.   The remaining installments of You Asked For it are being shared in November, beginning with Psalm 23

Psalm 23

What are your first memories of learning or reciting this Psalm?

What verse or phrase of the Psalm is most meaningful to you? Why?

What questions do you have about this Psalm?

DO: Find a way to provide “green pastures” or “still waters” to someone you encounter this week.

Readings for the Week: The image of Shepherd
Prayerfully read the assigned Scripture, and reflect on what God is saying to you…
Monday Psalm 80:1-3 O Shepherd of Israel
Tuesday Isaiah 40:9-11 He Will Feed His Flock
Wednesday John 10:11-16 Jesus as the Good Shepherd
Thursday John 10:27-30 My Sheep Hear My Voice
Friday Hebrews 13:20-21 Jesus the Great Shepherd
Saturday Revelation 7:9-17 Jesus as both Lamb and Shepherd

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