First: Heart Giving


Heart Giving

“God in his word doesn’t direct us as the church to build cathedrals but to bring our tithe to God’s storehouse as God’s mean of provision. We are the only hands that God has to rebuild the places long devastated. We are the only feet to carry the good news to the poor. We are the only bank account that God has to save people on the planet. We are it! That’s why the tithe matters.” From shiny gods: finding freedom from things that distract us by Mike Slaughter.

How do you feel about tithing?

How are you part of God’s provision for those in need?

How does it feel to give to God’s work in the world?

DO: Commit to giving a percentage of your income to God. If you aren’t tithing yet, take a step toward tithing. If you are tithing, prayerfully consider what next steps God is inviting you to.

Readings for the Week:
Prayerfully read the assigned Scripture, and reflect on what God is saying to you…
Monday 2 Corinthians 9:11–15
Tuesday 2 Samuel 24:21-25
Wednesday 2 Chronicles 31:5–10
Thursday Acts 4:32–37
Friday Luke 12:32–34
Saturday Matthew 25:14-29

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