First: An Introduction

On October 11, we begin a 4 week focus on putting God First in our lives, culminating in a commitment and celebration Sunday on November 1.   Over these weeks, we will be using Scripture and the insights of the book  shiny gods: finding freedom from things that distract us by Mike Slaughter to help us deepen our relationship with God.  The excerpt below gives you a first taste of this challenging, exciting, journey.  Join us for Adult Sunday School and Worship to learn more!

Introduction: A Journey of Hope

In this book I’ll challenge you to do hard things. You will be asked to

  • reject the “shiny gods” or idols that lead you away from God, keep you in debt, and render you ineffective in serving the Kingdom;
  • see work as a gift, not a curse, and deploy it powerfully, not just to earn an income but to bring about God’s desired outcome;
  • eliminate debt, living simply and within your means;
  • fully release all your resources—time, money, and talents—into God’s hands for his purposes

It’s a long journey from shiny gods to a life well lived and a world well served. It isn’t a journey for the faint of heart, but it is a journey of hope.

Let’s get started.

From shiny gods: finding freedom from things that distract us by Mike Slaughter, used by permission.

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