Readings for August 10-17, 2014

This week we started a short series on United Methodist beliefs.  We began by talking about Prevenient Grace.  Grace is the free, unmerited favor, love and mercy God offers us as a gift.  Prevenient grace is that love, favor at mercy at work in our lives before we are aware of it and before we choose to follow Jesus.  (Prevenient means “that which comes before.”)  Prevenient grace gives us glimpses of God’s goodness and love, gives us a sense of right and wrong (our conscience), makes us aware of our sin, and invites us to seek forgiveness.

Sunday, August 10 United Methodism 101: Prevenient Grace: Galatians 1:13-16
Monday, August 11 God’s Kindness Leads to Repentance Romans 2:1-4
Tuesday, August 12 We Love Because God First Loved Us 1 John 4:10–19
Wednesday, August 13 Grace and Paul’s Conversion 1 Timothy 1:12–16
Thursday, August 14 You Know Me Psalm 139:1–18
Friday, August 15 Christ Died for the Ungodly Romans 5:6–11
Saturday, August 16 Grace is a Free Gift Romans 5:15–21
Sunday, August 17: United Methodism 101: Justifying Grace: Romans 3:21–26

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