Readings for May 11-18, 2014

This week’s readings focus on the “disciple whom Jesus loved,” also known as the Beloved Disciple.  According to John 21:20-24, the Beloved disciple is the author of the Gospel of John. (Or, perhaps he was the source of the testimony written down by another).  The Beloved Disciple was an important figure in certain early Christian communities.  These communities particularly treasured the Gospel of John and the letters 1, 2, and 3 John.


Sunday, May 11, Jesus and Peter John 21:15-25

Monday, May 12 At the last Supper John 13:21-25

Tuesday, May 13 Jesus’ Arrest John 18:12-16

Wednesday, May 14 At the Cross John 19:25-27

Thursday, May 15 At the Empty Tomb John 20:1-10

Friday, May 16 “It is the Lord!” John 21:4-7

Saturday, May 17 His Testimony is True John 21:20-24

Sunday, May 18 Eyewitnesses 1 John 1:1-2:2

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